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Locomotor appendage-body relationships were used to examine whether swimming or reduction in sinking rate is the more important function in the second nauplius and copepodid stages of Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Krøyer, 1837). Except for the similarity in swimming appendage surface areas without setae, the appendages of the two stages are morphologically distinct. Although the nauplius is smaller than the copepodid it has long slender appendages that, with setae, provide greater total surface area than the paddle-shaped copepodid thoracic legs. Copepodid thoracic legs are more similar to those used for swimming by planktonic copepods although with more limited propulsion capability. Naupliar appendages project from the body while copepodid appendages can be folded against the ventral surface, improving hydrodynamic flow as well as body position after attachment to a host. Both copepodid and …
Princeton University Press
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2013

Susan E Allen, AG Lewis, CM Andersen Borg, E Bruno, T Kiørboe, CJ Bradley, JR Strickler, EJ Buskey, PH Lenz, JE Bron, C Sommerville, M Jones, GH Rae, MJ Costello, DM Fields, MJ Weissburg, HI Browman, IN Flamarique, HI Browman, M Bélanger, K Boxaspen, PA Gillibrand, KJ Willis, HR Gravil, S Green, AW Visser, J Titelman, T Kiørboe, J Happel, H Brenner, PA Heuch, PA Heuch, MH Doall, J Yen, PA Heuch, HE Karlsen, PA Heuch, A Parsons, K Boxaspen, R Huys, GA Boxshall, SC Johnson, LJ Albright, R Knutsen, M Webjorn, L Calise, MAR Koehl, JR Strickler, PH Lenz, AE Hower, DK Hartline, AG Lewis, AG Lewis, C Johnson, SE Allen, VL Streeter, S Tang, AG Lewis, M Sackville, L Nendick, C DiBacco, CJ Brauner, AP Farrell, J Titelman, J Titelman, T Kiørboe, J Titelman, T Kiørboe, JA Tocher, JR Dick, JE Bron, AP Shinn, DR Tocher, O Tully, P Gargan, WR Poole, KF Whelan, S Vogel, G Walker, K Whelan

Biblio References: 
Volume: 86 Issue: 13-14 Pages: 49-65