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Here we report the photocatalytic efficiency of CuO and Cu2O nanowires studied by dye degradation in water. The CuO nanowires were synthesized on Cu foils by thermal oxidation. A subsequent thermal annealing induced a controllable phase transformation of the nanowires and the underlying film from CuO to Cu2O phase. A structural characterization was made by scanning and transmission electron microscopies, energy dispersive x-ray analysis and x-ray diffraction. The photocatalytic performances were evaluated by the degradation of two dyes in water: methylene blue and methyl orange. In particular, CuO nanowires showed a good photocatalytic activity in degrading methyl orange, compared with Cu2O nanowires. The photocatalytic activity was correlated to the physical-chemical properties of the samples, revealing the detrimental effect of the polycrystalline structure for photocatalytic process.
Publication date: 
1 Feb 2016

V Scuderi, G Amiard, S Boninelli, S Scalese, M Miritello, PM Sberna, G Impellizzeri, V Privitera

Biblio References: 
Volume: 42 Pages: 89-93
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing