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&60; p&62; Abstract&60;/p&62; &60; p&62; Dynamic scaling behavior has been observed during the room-temperature growth of sputtered Au films on SiO&60; sub&62; 2&60;/sub&62; using the atomic force microscopy technique. By the analyses of the dependence of the roughness, σ&59;, of the surface roughness power, &60; it&62; P (f) &60;/it&62;, and of the correlation length, &60; it&62; ξ&59; &60;/it&62;, on the film thickness, &60; it&62; h&60;/it&62;, the roughness exponent, &60; it&62; α&59; &60;/it&62; &61; 0.9±&59; 0.1, the growth exponent, &60; it&62; β&59; &60;/it&62; &61; 0.3±&59; 0.1, and the dynamic scaling exponent, &60; it&62; z&60;/it&62; &61; 3.0±&59; 0.1 were independently obtained. These values suggest that the sputtering deposition of Au on SiO&60; sub&62; 2&60;/sub&62; at room temperature belongs to a conservative growth process in which …
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Publication date: 
1 Jan 2009
Biblio References: 
Volume: 4 Issue: 3 Pages: 262-268
Nanoscale Research Letters