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Future space experiments dedicated to the observation of high-energy gamma and cosmic rays will increasingly rely on a highly performing calorimetry apparatus, and their physics performance will be primarily determined by the geometrical dimensions and the energy resolution of the calorimeter deployed. Thus it is extremely important to optimize its geometrical acceptance, the granularity, and its absorption depth for the measurement of the particle energy with respect to the total mass of the apparatus which is the most important constraint for a space launch. The proposed design tries to satisfy these criteria while staying within a total mass budget of about 1.6 tons. Calocube is a homogeneous calorimeter instrumented with Cesium iodide (CsI) crystals, whose geometry is cubic and isotropic, so as to detect particles arriving from every direction in space, thus maximizing the acceptance; granularity is obtained by …
Institute of Physics Publishing
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2015

Massimo Bongi, O Adriani, S Albergo, L Auditore, MG Bagliesi, E Berti, G Bigongiari, M Boezio, L Bonechi, S Bonechi, V Bonvicini, S Bottai, P Brogi, G Carotenuto, A Cassese, G Castellini, PW Cattaneo, D Cauz, Paolo Cumani, R D'Alessandro, S Detti, M Fasoli, Anna Gregorio, A Lamberto, P Lenzi, P Maestro, PS Marrocchesi, A Mezzasalma, M Miritello, N Mori, P Papini, G Pauletta, GF Rappazzo, A Rappoldi, S Ricciarini, P Spillantini, O Starodubtsev, A Sulaj, A Tiberio, A Trifirò, M Trimarchi, E Vannuccini, A Vedda, G Zampa, N Zampa, B Zerbo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 587 Issue: 1 Pages: 1-8
16th International Conference on Calorimetry in High Energy Physics, CALOR 2014