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In this paper, we summarize the results of an extensive investigation on the properties of MOS-type light emitting devices based on silicon nanostructures. The performances of crystalline, amorphous and Er-doped Si nanostructures are presented and compared. We show that all devices are extremely stable and robust, resulting in an intense room temperature electroluminescence (EL) at around 900 nm or at 1.54 μm. Amorphous nanostructures may constitute an interesting system for the monolithic integration of optical and electrical functions in Si ULSI technology. In fact, they exhibit an intense room temperature EL with the advantage to be formed at a temperature of only 900 °C, remarkably lower than the temperature needed for the formation of Si nanocrystals (1100 °C or higher). To improve the extraction of the light, we coupled the emitting system with a 2D photonic crystal structure properly fabricated with …
Publication date: 
1 Apr 2007

Alessia Irrera, G Franzo, F Iacona, A Canino, G Di Stefano, D Sanfilippo, A Piana, PG Fallica, F Priolo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 38 Issue: 1-2 Pages: 181-187
Physica E: Low-dimensional Systems and Nanostructures