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We report on high responsivity, broadband metal/insulator/semiconductor photodetectors with amorphous Ge quantum dots (a-Ge QDs) as the active absorbers embedded in a silicon dioxide matrix. Spectral responsivities between 1–4 A/W are achieved in the 500–900 nm wavelength range with internal quantum efficiencies (IQEs) as high as ∼700%. We investigate the role of a-Ge QDs in the photocurrent generation and explain the high IQE as a result of transport mechanisms via photoexcited QDs. These results suggest that a-Ge QDs are promising for high-performance integrated optoelectronic devices that are fully compatible with silicon technology in terms of fabrication and thermal budget.
American Institute of Physics
Publication date: 
30 May 2011

S Cosentino, Pei Liu, Son T Le, S Lee, D Paine, A Zaslavsky, D Pacifici, S Mirabella, M Miritello, I Crupi, A Terrasi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 98 Issue: 22 Pages: 221107
Applied Physics Letters