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Ovarian aging affects female reproductive potential and is characterized by alterations in proteins, mRNAs and non-coding RNAs inside the ovarian follicle. Ovarian somatic cells and the oocyte communicate with each other secreting different molecules into the follicular fluid, by extracellular vesicles. The cargo of follicular fluid vesicles may influence female reproductive ability; accordingly, analysis of extracellular vesicle content could provide information about the quality of the female germ cell.
Impact Journals, LLC
Publication date: 
30 Jun 2020

Rosalia Battaglia, Paolo Musumeci, Marco Ragusa, Davide Barbagallo, Marina Scalia, Massimo Zimbone, Josè Maria Lo Faro, Placido Borzì, Paolo Scollo, Michele Purrello, Elena Maria Vento, Cinzia Di Pietro

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Volume: 12 Issue: 12 Pages: 12324
Aging (Albany NY)