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An innovative miniaturized electrochemical device based on Nickel sensing material is described. The device contains three integrated microelectrodes with the working electrode made of Ni (7.5 nm in thickness). It has been proved to be very versatile in the detection of several redox active analytes such as glucose, aminoacids and amines. In particular, the results in the detection of glucose from human plasma and saliva, of phenylalanine and glycine from urine and of organic compounds (ethanol, methanol, acetic acid, thioacetic acids, ethylenediammine) are presented and discussed. The findings here reported pay the way to future development of versatile PoC chemical sensors addressing easy-to-use and low-cost analyses.
Publication date: 
15 Jun 2018

Salvatore Petralia, Emanuele L Sciuto, Maria Anna Messina, Antonino Scandurra, Salvatore Mirabella, Francesco Priolo, Sabrina Conoci

Biblio References: 
Volume: 263 Pages: 10-19
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical