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242 Light Emission from Silicon-Based Materials with amorphous Si nanoclusters, since the latter nanostructures are formed at lower temperature than Si-nc; furthermore, the efficiency of light extraction from these devices can be significantly increased by exploiting the properties of photonic crystals. The second approach involves the introduction of rare earth ions into properly chosen Si-based matrices. In this chapter, we discuss the case of Er3+ ions embedded in a SiOx matrix, which allow to obtain intense PL and EL signals in the IR region, and of Eu2+ ions embedded in a SiOC matrix, whose strong and tunable emission in the visible range allows to extend toward the low-wavelength side the emission range usually covered by Si-nc and also to obtain a high-quality white emission. The relevance and the impact of the above approaches for the development of Si nanophotonics are finally discussed.
Pan Stanford
Publication date: 
26 Oct 2016

Fabio Iacona, Maria Miritello, Simona Boninelli, Gabriele Bellocchi, Alessia Irrera, Francesco Priolo, Giorgia Franzo

Biblio References: 
Pages: 259-298
Silicon Nanophotonics