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In the last few years, intense efforts have been devoted to the development of new photoactive materials for solar-driven water purification. In particular, the black-TiO x has attracted growing interest demonstrating the required capabilities. We report on the synthesis, characterization and application of hydrogenated-black titanium oxide films for photocatalytic water treatment. Moreover, we compared different experimental conditions in order to maximise the photocatalytic activity of the material while maintaining an industrially compatible and green synthesis approach. The scalability and robustness of the procedure is further demonstrated by using different lasers: a 1064 nm laser, a 532 nm laser at low repetition rate and a 532 nm high repetition rate laser at different scan speeds. The morphology of the irradiated surfaces depends on the laser wavelength, while light …
Publication date: 
30 Mar 2018

M Zimbone, G Cacciato, M Boutinguiza, A Gulino, M Cantarella, V Privitera, MG Grimaldi

Biblio References: 
Catalysis Today