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IMM Catania unit is equipped with a wide range of facilities for design, manufacture, characterization, and for investigation of materials properties and processes, allowing a global approach to material science research activities.

Mission of IMM Catania Unit is to create a center of excellence for basic and applied research on the following issues:

  •  semiconductors for water treatment;
  •  polymeric nanocomposites;
  •  silicon-based microphotonics;
  • microelectronics;
  • quantum coherent systems;
  • advanced photovoltaics;

Our aim is to perform leading fundamental research in key areas for the technological development. We want to collaborate at the highest scientific levels performing research with strong international impact. Our ambition is to become an internationally recognized center in the research areas of our competence. To this aim strict contacts with industry are strategic for the development and success of the unit.


Growth, deposition, and thermal processes

The laboratory includes facilities dedicated to deposition and growth on wafer substrates of several materials such as semiconductors (TiO2, ZnO, Si, Ge, Al2O3), metals (Ti, Ni, Pd, Pt Tu, Ag, Au, Al), and different carbon allotropes as  CNT, Graphene layers, by using chemical and physical deposition. Moreover, it is possible to perform several types of thermal treatments including annealing (silicon/polysilicon up to 1100 °C, SiC up tp 1900 °C, and metals in FG).
Optical and laser lithography

The Laboratory is an ISO 5 clean room that includes facilities for Photolithography processes.

The fabrication set consists in a Mask Aligner, with Bottom Side Alignment option and a maximum resolution of 0.4  μm for lines and 0.6  μm for holes ,  an automatized coating system, with spin coater and hot plate, and a vertical laminar flow wet bench for developing steps.

Metrology, control and electrical characterization

The laboratory is dedicated to perform the measurements necessary for verification of process steps and to evaluate the electrical performances on test structures and devices at wafer level. Both manual and automatic systems are available.


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