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We are investigating new graphene based structures to be potentially used in sensing. In particular, the attention is focused on the realization and characterization of 3D grafene structures like graphene foams. Indeed, these structures exhibit high porosity (about 99.7%) and consequent very high specific surface available areas (850m2/g ), that coupled with the strong mechanical strengths and fast mass and electron transport kinetics of graphene, make this structure an important basis for the realization of  faster and more sensitive new sensors. First, we want to optimize the procedure to obtain these self-standing foams. Then, we will focus on the realization of hybrid structures with nanostructures, typically of metal or oxides, or polymers, where the graphene 3D foam acts as a conductive template where the active species are deposited, thus increasing their active surface area by reproducing the underneath graphene surface. Moreover, graphene itself could be easily functionalized in order to detect the element of interest, for instance in the biomedical field but also as gas detector and so on, opening the way to a lot of new interesting applications. Reference person: Elena Bruno

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